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SleepLikeMe® is a workflow - it includes a specially tailored treatment recommendation for patients with sleep apnea or snoring - clinically tested and scientifically proven.

Innovative bite fork

The new JS-Gauge® bite fork combines

standardised procedure with unprecedented

precision in determining the bite position (mandibular (jaw) relation).


  • A bite gauge for all jaw sizes
  • Stepless 3D determination of the starting position of mandibular advancement splints (MAD)
  • Treatment process in only 5 minutes
  • analogue registration
  • digital registration

Technological progress


The new JS-Gauge® bite fork

designed to meet the highest demands

and performance


  • Autoclavable

  • Thermally disinfectable

  • Reusable up to 30 use cycles

  • with a wash tray and

  • a sterilisation box

Made in Germany

Several years of multi-centre development work

with long-standing experience have led to an innovative product that has set unprecedented


  • standards in dental sleep medicine.
  • Made of medical plastic
  • medically tested in multiple centres
  • CE - certified

The 3-axis bite fork for 3D bite aquisition  of the starting position for the fabrication of mandibular advancement splints (MAD):

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Innovative design for ergonomic use


After applying impression material (A-silicones) to the lateral wing inner areas of the bite fork body, the JS-Gauge® is placed symmetrically in the mouth on the upper teeth. In doing so, the spacer is positioned between the two anterior teeth. The JS-Gauge® becomes securely positioned when the patient bites down and the impression material hardens.

Reliable use for all jaw sizes

In the process of using the device, the impression material (A-silicones) is filled through the front openings of the bite fork body of the JS-Gauge® in the closed position, without any material flowing into the oral cavity. After hardening of the impression material, the patient's mouth can be opened and the JS-Gauge® sits securely on the upper jaw and is ready for bite aquisition.

Minimalist design for a high level of patient comfort.

The JS-Gauge® ensures a high level of patient comfort during use by the dentist. The minimalist design of the distal part of the JS-Gauge® keeps the palate and pharynx free. This eliminates irritation that could lead to tightness and unwanted reflexes.

Treatment with a high level of comfort and safety

During the adjustment of the jaw relation, the JS-Gauge® optimises the orientation for a safe clinical adjustment of the bite position. Thus, the upper jaw front teeth (maxillary anterior teeth) are visible at all times and therefore the mandibular midline and mandibular protrusion can be optimally adjusted. The JS-Gauge® also leaves the posterior teeth in the upper jaw visibly exposed. This allows precise adjustment and checking of the bite block under visual control. The JS-Gauge® therefore helps to find the correct starting position (initial jaw relation of the mandibular advancement splint - UPS) for each clinical situation and for each UPS to be fabricated.